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Empowering people in need to access food, healthcare, and secure resources from farmers, healthcare providers and businesses who have something to offer the local community.

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Food, Healthcare & Entrepreneurs


Do you have food, products or services to share with people in need? Are you a local in Fort Collins, Colorado who is hungry or looking for health & medical resources? Food, shelter, and medical access are critical during a planetary health epidemic. We formed our local neighborhood collective to spread food and resources to the many citizens throughout the world who are in need of supplies to overcome the viral outbreak that has recently effected the well being of the entire earth.


A group of global problem solvers and strategy consultants, with international presence and access to new sustainable technologies. Founded by a doctor with experience in agriculture, renewable energy, education, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy. Our headquarters is in Fort Collins, Colorado, and our focus includes providing a food distribution system with sanitary delivery, ensuring water availability, empowering education and product buying/selling, plus assisting health and biosciences in local communities everywhere.


To share our resources with the community and help protect people from getting sicker and hungrier. We believe that nobody deserves to starve, and are compelled to take initiative to assist food & resource distribution, health education, resources & technology in times of crisis.


Utilizing sustainable technologies to unite hungry people in need of food and security with healthy provisions by empowering local farmers, and resource producers to distribute goods locally. Providing our neighbors with nutrition, hygiene and survival necessities, while helping local business sell their available surplus and retain profit.


To provide the world with localized distribution systems and resources that can be used in any city to provide those in need with food, health, survival and education needs. To sustainably enable farmers and producers to fulfill local buyers needs, in order to preserve the well being of communities across the planet.


Connecting sustainably sourced goods and resources with hungry people in need of health and security. Passionate to assist society and provide a more economically productive future for communities, from a localized approach, aimed at global impact. We look at comprehensive and inclusive, sanitary, sustainable technologies, from water conservation, recycling and reuse, to a cooperative retail system, energy efficiencies and use of alternative energy sources to encourage climate change adaptability and support economic revitalization.


We have a history of thinking “globally and acting locally”, dedicated to providing innovative solutions through a systematic approach, to provide food and resources with a collaborative and mutually beneficial approach with immediate local focus aimed at long term global benefits.